5 Coolest Things Made From Wood

Wood is a very common material that often used in construction, interior fit out and used to make furniture; but some people take the possibility of wood to the next level. From electronics to vehicles, here’s are five of the coolest creation made from wood.

Wooden Vespa

5 Coolest Things Made From Wood - WOODEN VESPA

This inspiring wooden Vespa was handcrafted by the Portuguese craftsman, Carlos Alberto. The Classic Vespa is one of the famous designs in the history, and this is a worth to be remade. The small scooter is based on an original Vespa which had fallen into parts. However, using the long-tested woodcraft techniques, a curving new body was made for this classic scooter. The central vertebrae of the bike are decorated with steam bent and plastic-coated veneers upon which very well carved bodywork hangs. Seat and package tray, are also made from wood.

Wooden Computer

5 Coolest Things Made From Wood - WOODEN COMPUTER

This wooden computer is made by a young designer, Marlies Romberg, as she is always against using non-ecofriendly materials like plastic and aluminium.
The computer comes with a monitor, mouse, computer table and an engraved wood computer keyboard. This vintage looking beauty will help in salvaging the humongous land mass that has been under tons of garbage generated by the use of plastic and other non-degradable substances. The computer table with a built-in monitor, laser cut-to-precision keyboard and a CPU that’s neatly tucked away underneath the table; all made up of wood and brass.

Wooden Bike

5 Coolest Things Made From Wood - WOODEN BIKE

This is the newest chopper style wooden bike from Warren Von Botbyl; he’s called this one the Instigator.

Laser cut plywood lamp

5 Coolest Things Made From Wood - LASER CUT PLYWOOD LAMP

It’s a bulb but not as you know it. This clever lamp is shaped like a giant lightbulb, designed by Barend Hemmes. It is made from laser-cut wood, which can be identified by the crisp burned edge. The wooden Builb can be hung from the ceiling or laid on its side, not only it will bring light to any room, but also adds a little bit of humour.

Jupiter Mouse

5 Coolest Things Made From Wood - JUPITER MOUSE

It’s rare to find an item that pleases both gadget and nature lovers, but the Jupiter Mouse from Actbrise Electronics does just that. This wooden mouse is handmade from Chinese flowering ash in Japan’s rural Gunma prefecture. It earns its name from the natural wood grain swirls and clicks button that resembles the largest planet’s famous spot. However, the innovative design isn’t limited to form; the cursor moves in the direction according to the tilt of the spherical mouse, which rests comfortably in the palm of your hand. The Jupiter mouse not only brings a refreshing natural element to your desk bit also offers an exciting new approach to navigating your computer screen.

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