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About us

Hi there, welcome to Jingko x Maple! We are a group of wood-lovers that just want to share our inspiration with you. In this blog, you will find much wood-related stuff (I am not kidding), pretty much anything that is wooden, has wood in it or simply related to wood, we will post it here.

We love wood; the way it looks, the smell of it and also how functional wood can be! And just like us, every tree is unique and so does every piece of timber. You will never find a timber with the same pattern, and that makes every single piece of wood unique in its colour and pattern.

Ok, enough for the wood talk. We hope that you found our blog inspiring and enjoyed our content. Hopefully, we will see you again!

From a bunch of wood-lovers

Our Vision

Our team is driven by a sense of purpose; to share our inspiration with others. We believe that it is important to spread positivity to others through the use of the internet ,and to help creating better community.

Our Value

  • To have a positive impact on the internet
  • To inspire our reader
  • Passionate in heart and mind about what we do
  • Grow our blog in a way that makes us proud