Guest Blogging

If you’ve got stuff to share, inspirational images or articles, or simply just wood related stuff, then hopefully we can work together and post them here on Jingko x Maple’s blog.

Feel free to submit your request once you took a look at our Guest Blogging Guidelines.

Submission Guideline

These are the requirements to get considered for a guest blog post.:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Short bio (150 – 300 words)
  • Where you want your back-links to point to

Submit as a Google Doc

Please supply your article as a Google Doc, and send the link to the document along with all your details, Thanks!

No Guaranteed Reply

We will try to provide feedback when possible, but we’ll reject articles if they are spammy, self-promotional, off-topic, too technical, or too boring. Please understand that we usually won’t have time to explain why.