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Many said that social media and the internet have negative impacts on us, but not this Michigan mum…


“Have we become more cold-hearted? I often ask this question after scrolling through my social media news feed. Apart from pictures of someone’s dinner and photos of random kids, most of the stories are negative, such as recent mass shootings, political problems and scientist finding out another food that is harmful to us (and normally it’s your favourite). Last but not least, we have keyboard warriors spreading hate comments. Today, most of us are consistently under a lot of pressure, whether from work, family, financial situations, sickness or something else. More negativity coming from the internet is the last thing we need.


Just when I was about to give up on social media and go back to my already-beaten-day, I came across an article that warmed my heart. A Michigan mum posted on social media a story about her disabled son, who said he didn’t want a birthday party because he thought he didn’t have any friends. Due to his disability, it is difficult to make friends and often sits alone during lunchtime at school. This Michigan mum went and created a Facebook where people can send him positive thoughts and encouraging words.


About a week and a half later, this Facebook page had grown so fast that there are about 60,000 members! Her son not only received so much support from this group of kind-hearted people, but the story also got so popular even the “Good Morning America” hosted a surprise birthday party for him in the Times Square. Now, that is an EPIC birthday party that no one in his school can top it off.


Isn’t this such a heart-warming story? Like the Michigan mum, I believe there is positivity on the internet, but we need more people to share the good news, not just the bad ones.


We started this blog because we believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to make the internet and social media a better place; by spreading a little bit of positivity a day. In this blog, we hope you will find images, articles or anything that may bring inspiration and encouragement.


There is only one purpose here, to spread positivity.


And lastly, welcome to Jingko x Maple, nice to have you here, and hope you have a beautiful day.

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